When painting your property, choosing colors and themes for your home can be exciting, and deciding to do your own commercial painting is cheaper than hiring a professional. Commercial painters Melbourne are qualified to do the job, and even though many people try the DIY option, in most cases it is best just to spend the money and get the experts in – especially with retail, factory and office painting projects. But what should you be aware of when embarking on a project to paint your premises, and how can you make it easier?

1) Keep it clean
The importance of using dust sheets to cover carpets and furniture cannot be emphasized enough. No matter how careful you think you are, paint always ends up in places it shouldn’t, so always cover up before you begin. Also ensure you have a good supply of masking tape to cover skirting boards and coving to make sure you don’t get any colored paint on the white. It’s a good idea to keep a few rags to hand (cutting up some old t-shirts is useful for this) so that if you do spill any drops or smudge a bit, you can dab it off straight away.

2) Preparation is key
Before you begin applying the paint, you should always prepare the walls properly first to avoid an uneven finish. Fill in any cracks with a filler and prime it, remove any flakes of previous paint and sand the surface if necessary. Unlike wallpaper which can hide a multitude of problems, paint is unforgiving and any issues with the walls will show through, so it’s worth investing time in this before starting.

3) Select the right type of paint
brush and tinBrowse the paint stores in your area of Melbourne first to decide which paint to buy. First, choosing the color is important because it often doesn’t look how you imagined once it’s on the wall. You can often get samples of the colors you like and apply them to a small patch of wall, allow to dry and have an idea of what the finished effect will be. Plan this in connection with your flooring and furniture – are you also re-furnishing the room or just having a change of color? Make sure you think carefully so that everything will fit with the new decor. You also need to decide on the type of paint – whether it’s a ‘one coat only’ promise, matt, gloss or waterproof. If you’re painting part of a kitchen, bathroom or of course any external part of the home, then waterproof will be necessary. Take a look at what’s on offer and compare brands.

4) Use the right tools
Painting corners and other hard to reach spaces is best done with a paintbrush, but covering whole walls that way would take a long time and is unnecessarily labor intensive. The actual painting work needn’t take too long if you have a good roller, or even a power roller which you can find in most DIY stores, and is much easier and less expensive than trying a professional air-compressor and sprayer which isn’t worthwhile unless you have a particularly large area to cover.

With all commercial renovation projects, planning and ensuring that the right materials are at hand are key to success, and anyone can do their own house, office or commercial property painting with a little patience. Good luck with your project!

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