Airport parking – what are your best options in melbourne?

Best Airport Parking Options In Melbourne

landing in melbourneIf you live in Melbourne, and you are going to fly out of Australia on a trip for a week or two, one of the worst decisions that you could make is to park your car at the airport. The cost of airport parking melbourne has skyrocketed in recent years, making it a very unaffordable choice for most people. It’s as if they simply don’t want people parking there, or they know that some people have no choice but to park, and therefore want to get as much money out of them as possible. This is true for many companies that offer parking including baseball, football or any other type of stadium or business where patrons need to use their parking facilities. As a result of this, people are trying to find different ways to avoid parking at the Melbourne airport, and there are quite a few options. Here are a few tips on how to save money on airport Melbourne parking, helping you to save money the next time you have to fly out of Melbourne airport.

Check Out The Long-Term Carparks

car parking signageOne of the best ways to save money, if you have no other option but to park at the Melbourne airport, is to look at the long-term parking options that they offer. For instance, if you park for just one day, it’s going to cost you around $40. However, if you are going on a weeklong trip, the total cost is about $100, making each day of parking about $15 a day. You are essentially getting a $25 discount everyday by using the long-term options. However, $100 is still a lot of money, and it’s even more if you were gone for a couple weeks. In order to avoid these outrageous parking fees, here are a few options to consider.

Airport Shuttles To Melbourne Airport

You can contact one of the many shuttle services in Melbourne that offer shuttles to the airport itself. If you are traveling through Melbourne, you more than likely have a free shuttle at your hotel that will take you to the hotel once you arrive, and take you back to the airport when it is time to depart. You can also get shuttle service which will cost far less if you simply want to save money on parking for a couple weeks. There is another way that you can also save money on parking which is by contacting one of the many taxi services.

Taxis To Melbourne Airport

empty parking lotIf you decide to take a taxi, this is something that many people do. Even people that have arrived in Melbourne that are going to a hotel that does not offer shuttle service will use a taxi service. The cost can be up to $50, even more, depending upon how far you have to drive. As a result of this, it might be a better option to get a ride to the airport.

Ask Friends And Family For A Ride

The best option of all is to make sure that friends and family know that you are going to be flying out of Melbourne airport. If you can coordinate with one of these individuals, it can save you the cost of parking there, or the cost of a taxi ride. Hopefully, they will also be able to give you a ride back to your home once you get back to Melbourne. This is the cheapest way to save money on your travel itinerary, especially when it comes to parking.

These simple suggestions for saving money on airport parking should allow you to not spend too much in getting to the airport, and getting back home. Although taxis and shuttles are available, and you can also save money with Melbourne airport long-term parking, it’s better to talk to people that you know to get a ride for free.

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